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Building a gallery online for browsing, impulse buying, or collecting art
A number of screenshots of Jealous' website laid out in rows on light grey background.

Jealous challenged us to help them create a slick, sophisticated online platform to showcase the artists they represent and allow a seamless shopping experience for amateur enthusiasts, to collectors. But, they didn’t want to lose the signature Jealous personality in all the white space.

The Jealous team also wanted us to address some frustrations they had in their site admin roles, trying to streamline the content management process as much as possible. We also took the latest developments due to Covid 19 into account, creating much more editorial exhibition pages, giving the team the tools to create online exhibitions if needed.

The finished article lets the art do the talking, with some signature styling touches to bring through the Jealous personality, without distracting from the business of viewing, and buying art.

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    Framing configurator– It was important for Jealous to be able to encourage buyers to purchase their prints framed. With so many options for different mounts, colours, glazing, and sizes of print we had to build some complex logic, as well as a slick design that made it easy for the user across mobile and desktop, to allow them to preview and purchase the perfect frame for their print.

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    Virtual exhibitions– We wanted to give Jealous the ability to build virtual exhibitions on their site. This idea was born in the midst of lockdown when this was the only way to view art, but I’m sure will live on into the future. They can mix multimedia, showing artists and artworks in motion, as shoppable projects and with large scale images, making the online experience almost as good as in real life.

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    Navigation– With a gallery and print studio as active as Jealous, it’s easy to end up with so much content on the website that it’s difficult for users to find what they want. We took special care upfront to ensure that the architecture of the site meant that navigating to the content you are looking for is simple and intuitive.




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Screenshots of wireframes of Jealous' mobile website, laid out in rows on a light grey background.

A man bending over measuring the dimensions of a piece of art.
Two screenshots of Jealous' website side by side on a light grey background.
People drinking and talking on the street outside Jealous Gallery at the launch party.
Three screenshots of Jealous's website placed on a light grey background.
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