Grace & Thorn

Grace and thorn are an exciting brand with a unique approach to floristry. With two lovely shops in London, workshops and an online shop, the business caters for weddings and events with established links in the fashion industry. We were brought in to gradually update their existing Shopify e-commerce website without having to undergo a complete redesign. The updates are being done in stages until all aspects of the site have been fully optimised.


Grace & Thorn


2016, ongoing





Increase conversion rate. Bring the website in line with the retail spaces to create a better representation of the brand. Create a style and format that makes content more accessible and easier to navigate. Higher visibility of services on offer. Increase browsing time on the site and interaction with the content.


Low impact. Upon arrival on the site, it was unclear what we were looking at. The lack of messaging failed to tell users what Grace & Thorn are about. Missed opportunity to showcase everything available (eshop, blog, locations…) Did not fully reflect G&T aesthetics and ethos.

What we did

We started by reworking the homepage to have more impact, easing access to the different parts of the site. Visual quick links to key areas of the site were added. The page was designed in sections, which can be changed as needed by the client depending on what they want to promote. We also introduced clear messaging which greatly improved SEO and incorporated social media via Instagram integrating their feed. The footer was redesigned to bring clarity and focus to it. The home page is now a true reflection of the brand and the services it provides.

Other work

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