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A brand identity to disrupt, communicate a vision, and fuel growth
A Doetaylor van with branding wrapper

Doetaylor, a technology service and support company, challenged us to create a brand identity for them to articulate their personality, attitude to service and unique (disruptive) positioning in their industry. We helped them to define their vision, to realise the full potential of technology to drive outstanding customer experiences, and to simplify their brand architecture to create a compelling consumer offering. We then crafted a brand identity to help communicate their vision and deliver on their promise. DoeTaylor stands out among its competitors – the personalities of the team, the way they approach their work, the customer service they offer – so we knew we needed to create an identity that reflected this. We didn’t want them to look like any other technology company, because they aren’t.

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    Brand architecture – Doetaylor are energetic, inventive and restless. They also have ambitious growth plans. We needed to distil their many products, services and inventions into something that made sense to their customers. We worked with their team to understand every part of the business and designed a clear architecture that made their offerings clear, and importantly, was scalable.

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    Motion – The concept of this identity was inspired by Doetaylor’s bravery, to be unafraid to be different, as well as their ability to solve complex problems with robust solutions, and communicate them in an accessible way. In order to fully bring together the elements of the visual language in a way that presented DoeTaylor in a dynamic, digital-first way, we brought motion principles into the identity, animating the logo and bringing in some of the brand elements to messaging through animation.

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    Digital guidelines – Rather than having a PDF brand guidelines filed away somewhere on the system, we decided that what DoeTaylor, a company proud to be paperless, really needed was digital guidelines, accessible by anyone, from anywhere, via an URL, with downloadable assets and clear explanations of how they should be used.

Doetaylor's brand colour palette and an example social media post
Doetaylor's logomark and wordmark
Screenshot of Doetaylor's desktop website landing page
Doetaylor's Instagram page profile picture and icon style
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