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Camm & Hooper websites

Specialist firm offering event and venue hire across seven unique locations

Camm and Hooper are a specialist firm offering event and venue hire across seven unique locations. Each venue has its own unique heritage and personality which will need to be reflected on the sites.


The challenge was to reposition Camm and Hooper as the umbrella site which links to the individual venue sites, each with its own unique content and branding but with synergy by association.

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    Branding – We positioned the brand to raise its profile and form a visual language that worked with the existing locations and any new acquisitions.

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    UX – We developed a base site structure that works across 7 unique sites.

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    UI – We developed a consistent visual language that would easily evolve with the addition of new venues.




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Working with Den is a pleasure. The service they provide is efficient and effective. Their ability to manage large projects is excellent, keeping you in the know every step of the way.

Rebecca Hadley, Head of Marketing, Camm & Hooper

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An overhead shot of a collection of Camm & Hooper branded assets, including business card, menu, and website.
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