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Meet the Team – Naing Min Oo

Naing joined Den as a Digital Product Owner. His goal is to become a transformational leader in the FinTech industry and find the perfect noodle dish in London. Where is his current favourite? Answer at the end.

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Naing joined us from having completed an MBA at Queen’s University, Belfast and worked in the digital transformation team of a local bank in Myanmar.

What led you into dev work?

It would be my passion for technology. Even since I was young, I loved playing Super Nintendo, solving puzzles, and dismantling electronics. This momentum as a young kid accelerated when I started college – specialising in hardware and networking. From there, I begin to see the correlation between hardware and software. So, for my bachelor’s, I transitioned to Software Engineering – to further study and understand the overall architecture of applications. I ended up with a BA in Software Engineering from the University of Canberra and a Diploma in Networking from the Canberra Institute of Technology. I guess all the decisions I have made, led me into the tech industry.

What’s your role at Den?

I am currently working as a Digital Product Owner. My current role allows me to be a part of a bank’s digital transformation journey – providing expertise in gathering business requirements, client management, delivering products and empathising with customers in their digital banking journey to solve their problems at hand. I am also looking forward to working in other different areas of products.

What’s been your best work experience – and your worst?

The best experience I gained was the satisfaction of delivering loan services (hire purchase, micro-loans) for a bank that was taking a customer a month to onboard, into a 15-minute process. This project taught me a lot, especially to consider different perspectives of teams since they are much more involved in the ideation and creation of the applications. It has also provided me with an insight to break down rigid processes to become more efficient and valuable to client organisations.

The worst? To not be able to meet face to face with customers and peers because of Covid. It’s a bummer.

What would you like to change about online banking services?

I would love to see more external integrations and collaborations between FinTech companies and traditional banks to provide customers with exceptional services, e.g., connecting analytics to a banking application to understand spending habits and predicting behavioural patterns. (It’s a bit nerdy, I know.)

What do you like to do to relax away from a screen?

I like to travel a lot. It makes me happy to experience new scenery, food,
and cultures. Mussenden Temple in Northern Ireland is a favourite spot. I have also been meaning to take up a sport since I feel like I’ve been spending too much time in front of a screen.

And the best noodles in London?

Marugame Udon

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