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How technology affects social behaviour



In this post we are getting our hands a bit grubbier in literature and digging a bit deeper when thinking about modern life. There’s always news about technological improvements, innovation and new goods on the market for us consumers to buy and make our life easier. However what we don’t spend enough time reflecting on and attempting to understand, is the impact technology has on human sociology, relations and sociability. Read this account for insight on how technology affects social behaviour, honing on computers and mobile phones…

So in short we can summarise that technologic insertions into human lives basically results in social innovation. Social innovation can be described as ‘the generation and implementation of new ideas about how people should organize interpersonal activities, or social interactions, to meet one or more common goals. As with other forms of innovation, the products resulting from social innovation may vary with regard to their breadth and impact.’ (Mumford & Gustafson, 1988) Or in simpler term, reorganizes they way we do things.

Consider the robust and trusted laptop. Nowadays in a lecture theatre you see them littered across the rows of students and rarely a good ol’ authentic pad and pen used. Computers process information quicker than humans and can allow many users to record more information in a session than physically writing. They can posses large storage capacities in a small amount of space compared to the paper needed to track the same amount of information. If you study this concept, you will find that there is a growing reliance and bond between humans and tech, so much so that the older ways would become harder to adapt back to if things were to dramatically backfire. Technology has become an alliance, helping us to better our abilities to the greatest amount.


Source: Lecture Tools

Also consider those pupils’ relationships with their tutor- eye contact is reduced, due to the screen in front of students, students may have to concentrate more on selecting the correct letters and also tutors could feel more estranged or ignored due to these ‘things’ as barriers. God knows what people could be looking at- laptops also create this anonymity and mysterious air about what is happening between user and interface…previously it was blindingly obvious what was on the page when pens and paper were in use.

In this case laptops change the dynamics of the lecture and class room. The space increases between tutor and tutee not only due to the expanded scope for the pupil to distract themselves with other computer activities, but also in real interaction and visual attention devoted to the tutor. Where has the body language connection been lost to? A sort of invisible, unidentifiable other realm. Is real communication value being lost to this invisible, unknown ‘space’?

It also rejigs peer relationships. Those with laptops could create competition with note taking compared to those without…and then there’s the issue of the information transfer from paper to computer when work needs to be finalized, which is obviously more time consuming.

Leading on from the devaluing of body language, let’s now consider mobile telephones. Mobiles also create this void or unknown ‘space’ (where full experience, real-time interaction is lost), between people. There is also the added opportunity to communicate across geographical space. This could be seen as somewhat devaluing human communication via the loss of body language, visual cues and a shared phenomenon of location, increasing the gaps in life between people, physically and emotionally. On the other hand it enables convenience, speed, 24hour possible communication and multitasking. This can be very beneficial amongst business people, increasing awareness of your children’s whereabouts and improving contact across the globe, expanding verbal networks greater than ever before.

Can you think back to before you owned a mobile phone and how your lifestyle differed?
The merit of reflecting back is showing how standards have shifted. Before the early-mid 90s it was the norm not to have one, and we hardly realized life was difficult. Nowadays we can’t live without one.

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 23.04.14

This tells us two things- 1: that as much as you may not like it, technology has always been widely accepted, changed how we all operate and if you don’t catch on, society will progress regardless, so people may have to acclimatize and accept moving fashions. (this is kinda sad ☹ )
Secondly, technology allows new standards to be set and new imaginations to occur for inventors. For example, the first mobile models were monophonic, large, heavy and had basic functioning. The public thought it was all the rave. Nowadays we think the iPhone 3 is outdated and basic technology…strange how technologic innovations alters the lowest bar, perceptions and expectations.

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 23.03.11

All in all it allows human beings to be and think more creatively beyond what exists and act more widely- this perspective is from an objective, overview, top-down perspective. On the other hand, technology reduces the locale, the intimacy of human behavior and how we relate to one another. The latter statement reflects a more bottom-up and subjective viewpoint.

Places in London you never remember



This title is initially quite baffling/ambiguous and open on first read (that’s exactly why you opened this post probably) and the fact that it mentioned the word ‘London’ caught your eye, because well, everyone always reads stuff about London exponentially more than most other UK cities. This is where we are here to clarify our chosen title ‘places in London you never remember’…

…by ‘places’ we specifically mean ‘pictures of places’ that we have taken on our travels and by ‘never remember’ we mean ‘possibly or regularly pass by and don’t look twice at or do one time and then the fun has gone, that they’ve become part of your subconscious memory.’

Being keen explorers, urban walkers, London adorers and outdoor crawlers, we’ve snapped some actually rather alright (if we say so ourselves) pictures of London, of some actually rather normal spaces and places, but due to the power of light, colour and composition, have actually managed to pull of some interesting shots. Take a peek, see if you can guess some of the areas before we give them away…

Place1: CLUE- a small domain resting on the Southbound, confident Victoria line, commonly disregarded by folk due to a more infamous later stop, but when you delve into its residential depths, it is rather quaint and pretty.


Place2: Another part of the same area as the first picture but this time nearing the more council-house provision ends, where red brick is rife and a street culture is more prominent.


Place3: Edging on one of the edgiest London places, rising through its previous shoddy reputation and now claiming a culture rich in food, markets and urban attitude, it’s…


Place4: A side street from the same area as in place 3 but this time on a lovely Spring evening around 6pm. Funny what a simple streetscape can capture eh? This makes the place appear quite desolate, but in reality behind the camera, we were getting knocked about and whizzed by on the bustling pavements.


Place5: A very official area, with big important people inhabiting it. Also known to be fully touristic, camera-riddden and situated by a prominent London gallery… But obviously captured at a point where the work hours are just about ending and evening freedom ensues. To the bars!


Place6: Everyone’s favourite major station, incessantly featured on TV programmes, (Eastenders last week, 22 march 2014 may we add) always shining red in self glory and coalescing 6 tube lines in one node, pay homage to the almighty one!


Place7: Rude not to throw a panorama in, a sequel to photo 1 of course. This is just us being a bit quirky and turning our phones round to snap a longer shot,(obviously showing off) but what was interesting/slightly saddening about this place was the gated up adventure park and no children in sight at ALL on a Sunday :’(


The aim of this game was to show you what you can do on an iPhone in a few seconds. That’s right, abusing the wonders of modernising technology! The beauty of iPhone photography is that it’s rapid, touch sensitive to focusing, automatically adjusts lighting levels and has a wide screen for envisioning scenes. Why not go and test some of your own skills when you’re on your commute to work, or just rambling on the weekend? Go snap some friggin’ boring scenes and make them B.E.A.UTIFULLL. Then put ‘em on an online page or spam your friends’ whatsapp with them!

All photos taken and edited by instagram: @alixblanx

The best of Tumblr



This week on the DEN, exploring our trusted- but often shamed and scrutinised- blog source, Tumblr. By exploring we meet sifting out the gems from the sand on this visual parade of, well, pretty much everything. Tumblr is commonly referenced for just sprawling a bunch of stuff across the web in visual ways, so this week we thought we’d get picky and reveal how Tumblr isn’t as useless as some may think… Introducing the best of tumblr this April.

First up PEOPLE WITH TINY FACES! Chuckle city… Lindsay Lohan you babestation


Ladies, we’ve all been there. Just nod and silently agree…

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 16.08.17

The above piece is entitled ‘The Depths of Shallowness.’ Source: Bergmaniac.

If South America was an oversized, voluptuous, burly woman, this would be her…

s usa as woman

A map of countries with a twist. The names are all translated from their Chinese words to create this language masterpiece…

map china

Both maps are from MapsOnTheWeb.

Some ace photography from exotic locations around the globe, utterly unmatchable, source: Sazmy.


Who doesn’t love a music playlist recommended to them? Regular updates from The Classy Issue.

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 16.16.41

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 16.16.32

Our best tracks from the above: 9, 7, 5 and 3 (obvs, SBTRKT come as standard).

A cool, blurry, ‘chopped and screwed’ visual arrangement from photography. Psychedelic.


Source: Cool Ass Shit

THIS HAPPY GIRAFFE IN THE WILD! Who can’t love this photo? More at Arquerio.


Last but not least (well for this best of Tumblr episode anyway)-

Cool AND novel- nature design! A blog full of bright, unusual goodies merging nature with design to complete an array of very different visual effects.

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 16.47.25

Source: Claude Paquet.

Stay tuned peeps, we will more than likely have a sequel to this blog post in the future, collecting the best of Tumblr’s database, from humour to music, to design to maps, just like this one.

A collection of touching moments



After browsing the web and coming across some rather frankly FRIGGIN’ cute stuff, we thought we would compile a blog post on it for everyone’s reference. Whether you have a spare moment or two to browse something heartfelt in your break, need inspiration for an art endeavour, or just lucky enough to study loveliness and cuteness for a living, here’s where it’s at. Read on to view a collection of touching moments through some invaluable sources and creatives…

 Touching TO THE MAX, is this. Portraits of aged couples who have been together 50 years from the lovely Lauren Fleishman.

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 19.34.25

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 19.34.33

Not only are they perfectly articulated by the photographer in a variety of playful or warming scenes, they all show that same glow of love, speedos or not. We heart this. Found on HUH magazine.

How to save a baby deer from extreme water levels…by this brave boy.


Gusty, from 

This short film is called ‘First Sniff,’ made by Mother London as an effective parody to that god awful ‘First kiss’ video by Tatia Pilieva that has been spamming our online airways as of late. Thank god some cute awkwardness is involved in this entry, because the trend-starter was rather disgusting/embarrassing. Yay to dogs! More on It’sNiceThat.

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 19.44.29

This is what happens when you give a thousand stickers to kids…

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 19.46.40

…that’s right, a room where white is in scarce supply and you can’t stand in the room for longer than ten minutes properly without acquiring a headache…obviously. But if you think about it, where would you rather stay the night- the initial clinically-shiny-white environment that’s scarier than your dental practice, or this fun-loving, chaotic rainbow-infused sprawl? More on this amazing installation for the Queensland Gallery of Modern Ar, artist Yayoi Kusama on This Is Colossal.

Fancy seeing something even more amazing and even more colourful? This time we’re in the natural world. These images are of stunning flower fields from around the world, but to us they look more like patchwork quilts! TAKE US THERE, we want to run around with the wind up our knickers!

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 19.51.23

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 19.59.55

More beaut goodies of the like on WhereTheCoolThingsHappen


3 things we learn from TV



TV; commonly a favourite time consumer, past time, career or point of research, is actually more intriguing than you think. Read this blog post for insight into why television is actually more important and rich with meaning than you think… This week is DEN ramblings on 3 things we can learn from TV. And they’re not 3 small things either!

Television isn’t all just about feeding viewers with moving images and information. It isn’t all bad, linked to issues surrounding obesity in children and their lack of contact with the natural environment or the fact that it could obscure eyesight, albeit these arguments have been commonly raised as concerns over the years. TV actually possesses a lot of history, reinvention, societal weighting and cultural orbit.

Historically, the TV possessed a lot of value in family routines. The early television was seen as radio with pictures, when first introduced in the twentieth century. Its use became closely linked the domestic routines of housewives, when it was the norm for men to be at work and the women to take the role of managing the home. As their routines consisted of a lot of home contact, they used radio, and then TV, as a source of entertainment during their daily activities. Below is a representation of the 1930s women’s role, just before the rise of the domestic goddess era.


Source: Telegraph

This question goes out to all the nineties children reading this; how many TVs do you have in your house now compared to the number of TVs in your childhood house? Notice any changes? Whether in the location of them, use of them, control of them, or exactly our first point, the quantity! You may remember the good ol’ days of family meal times growing up. In my house we had one main TV in the lounge- a.k.a the main communal space- and for us then, this meeting for shared entertainment, signified family time within the week, amongst all our differing schedules. Dad had the final say, with occasional input from mum. We also had a very small, scratchy black and white TV in the kitchen that was rarely used, that was only allowed to be switched on during myself and my sister’s breakfast time with mum’s supervision.


Source: Deviant Art

Any of this sound familiar? Nowadays we have a greater number of TVs spread across the lounge and bedrooms. It seems TV used to an object encapsulating a shared family value and certified time together, but nowadays with the availability of this technology, the increased flexibility of schedules, the greater number of entertainment sources on TV, along with a scattering of interests throughout the family, the TV has become a mere object of occasional pleasure. Family time is built less into our weekly routines as an activity, and has taken a backseat. Family time is less prioritised it seems, but when it does happen it is still just as pleasurable. I guess time doesn’t always change everything and history does resound in the present. Naw!

Programmes are aired for a purpose. We think they’re made for several reasons: A) to give our minds a break from our daily lives, an escape from normality, with an enjoyability factor. B) Progressing on this notion, some reach the extreme in narrative and output enacting the fantastical to express human imagination and creativity, but others are often a blunt, mirroring of everyday life e.g. soaps. C) To improve our absorption of information in new ways and understand this media as another type of language. And lastly D) to teach us morals, to open our minds up to new possibilities and enable us to reflect on human existence and behaviour, that we may have been ignorant to before. It is there for our interpretation and reproduction in ways that make sense to us in real situations.


Source: Wikia

Above is a screen shot from an episode of the popular soap Eastenders aired weekdays on BBC. This is pretty much a playing out of normal life, showing the progression of characters’ lives, relationships between people and a variety of human behaviours, with a heightening of their lifestyle narratives, obviously. (By the latter notion, we’re referring the high death rate, extreme quantities of jail sentences and decibel levels of screaming matches than we are accustomed to in our daily lives…or maybe not? our bad…)

We think this is not only entertaining to watch- a near realistic situation played out on a screen- resulting in things we could never imagine ourselves doing, but is also enlightening.  We may well obtain refuge in and comfort from some of the characters we notice our own traits in, or within people we know. When situations occur in soaps, the writers have taken inspiration from reality in some way, and how they envision people dealing with events. Thus when we learn all about this complex interplay of ‘things,’ we too learn about ourselves, others and how to play out our own lives better. Weird, huh?

Stuff we find stupid



This week in the DEN; a blog post of all the stuff we find stupid. That’s right, we’re going to a have a go for entertainment’s sake. From apps, to song lyrics to images of animals that look like something else… we’ve listed it. You’re bound to have some agreements and discrepancies within this lot so take a look at our collection from the latest on the web.

 In no particular order, a ‘My Life Story’ 100-year old diary from Groupon.

photo 4

[Screenshot from email]

Now errr, not going to lie but firstly- ambitious thinking ahead, secondly, who can be bothered to trudge a heavy book around daily for that long and thirdly, it’s £17 down from £30….that’s right £30! You could go and buy an already written and designed book for that ;D (designer biasedness) But no we went in a little heavy handed. It’s a great and novel gift idea and a durable sentiment. Popular one with the crafty kids we think!

[offer emailed March 6 2014]

The price of LIDL supermarket’s fruit.


The other day we trekked into Lidl to pick up a few bits on our journeying and mid analysis, noted that per kg, exotically-imported bananas were 68p (based in a South London store) which resulted in roughly 5, compared to apples grown in the UK, that ranged from 89p a bag to just over £2 for the popular genres. Ludicrous when you think about it. We can grow apples in our back yard, but get the fruit we can’t with added air miles for nothing…

Cara’s holey outfit.

photo 2

Holey moley…better call in the pet brigade. Source: Twitter @iD_magazine.

Pitbull’s lyrics in ‘Timber’ with KeSha.

Firstly no one ever yells timber in a club. Secondly, your voice is annoying.

“Look up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane

No, it’s just me, ain’t a damn thing changed”

So if we understand correctly, you’re likening yourself to a very talented complex creature at flying, a piece of revolutionary aero innovation… hmm. In no way are you that good, nor can you achieve those things, nor do you resemble those forms in any way. Thank you come again Pitt.

These little animals…

photo 5

…that are in fact hedgehogs in their early life stages. I know right?! Look again. They’re either comparable to minuscule edible sweet fancies, or some sort of operation bi-product… Not sure how we feel about these in conclusion, but the idea is cute. Find more wonderfully weird animal images on instagram @bestanimal.

Apps aimed at expressing your anger to politicians in India.

photo 1

So we thought this was strange as soon as it caught our eye on twitter home feed from Wall Street Journal. There is actually game apps designed for this, likened to playing Angry Birds, whereby objects can be hurled right at political contenders. ‘Let’s chuck some coins and slippers at them,’ we hear you say!

Alternative and more useful apps include locating where local polling stations are and party-specific apps for archiving all their adventures…

Find out more on India Real Time blogs.

Modern day language we really don’t like



It is no word of a lie that with changing innovation, media, technologies being employed within our cities, and trends of economic and political society affecting our sociologies, us human beings are adapting our behaviours and genres of interaction. People are conjuring up some weird forms of language and by this we’re talking about language in everyday conversations, abbreviations, what we text and write, colloquialisms and shorthand etc… you get the gist. Read on to find out what modern day language we really don’t like…

And what is more, we can describe how they didn’t just pop up out of nowhere, no! They have crept into our daily social interactions, laziness, through evolution and modification and the acceptance of modern technologies. Sometimes they have been kinda cool, but nowadays there are some contemporary, cringe-worthy words you really need to avoid…


…that we do have to pay homage to William Shakespeare for a lot of common words and phrases we use today. A snippet from the Metro explains below:

“When the Bard got stuck in the middle of a particularly tricky sonnet, he simply invented a word to ease him out of trouble. He coined hundreds of words in his works, many of which we still use regularly today – words such as ‘swagger’, ‘bedazzle’, ‘ladybird’ and ‘arch-villain’ have all been attributed to him. Phrases like ‘fair play’ and ‘all that glitters isn’t gold’ are also Shakespearian.”

Read more of this ‘What Are Your Favourite Made-Up Words?’ article on the Metro online.

After that minor historical detour, now we continue with our little language list of love and hate.

Up first:

THINSPO. There’s something about the actual voicing of this term that just makes us die inside a little, do you get that? It’s a collaboration and abbreviation between ‘thin’ and ‘inspiration,’ used to describe motivational sources, probing (predominantly) females to feel that buzz to gets thin. Urgh.

On a more graphic note, did you know ‘schmerfed’ means vomited? No we didn’t until recently either. However, phonetically it’s ruddy fun to say!

MANI PEDI… I mean come on!? Apparently it is the act of getting a manicure and pedicure at the same time…but obviously you need an abbreviation for a more elaborate act…

The star of TV show ‘Summer Heights High’ Ja’mie King, popularised the term ‘quiche,’ which now is multiplying amongst the mouths of all junior school girls. As the spoken word ‘keesh,’ this new vocab entry for 12-15 year olds means ‘fit’ or ‘hot.’ Find out why Buzzfeed think we should all embrace it… * Sigh *


[image from above Buzzfeed article]

‘FaceyB,’ the obvious slang term for every gym bunny’s favourite social networking (half-naked, abs selfie posting) tool, Facebook. That is all.

It has been heard that ‘Sainos’ is now an acceptable shortened version of Sainbury’s supermarket, commonly heard amongst hangover-ridden students, discussing their meal deal fixes, the day after.

Being ‘ridic’ is actually in fact, the act of being ridiculous, but with the added posho describing your behaviour throughout your activity. Brilliant…

Mobile related jargon (that makes us chuckle and cringe as we type, as it’s SO tempting to type some of these, but must remember to resist) follows:

‘O RLY’- oh really

‘FML’ – f my life

‘OMG’ – Oh my god OR even more recently ‘ermahgerd’

If you fancy a blast from the past, hit up Marketo Blog to read their stern ramblings on phrases that should really be dead already, it’s 2014.


[Image by DJ Waldow from above article]

Humorous Tweeting



Ahoy there Den followers! Today is about Twitter. As of late we have noticed some really good tweets from a range of sources that gleam at their own sarcasm, wit and sometimes just down right self-unawareness. From TFL to creative design agencies, we’ve compiled a blog post of recent screenshots of our favourite humorous tweeting examples…

Twitter – in the midst of its social media reign- has become the perfect platform to voice your (concise) opinions, hiding behind either an egg or a little, designed square avatar. And for this we think we celebrate you, because you Twitter, have allowed a lot of people and companies to pipe up and push their online presence in more ways than one…and get a bit uppity as well. Oh it’s all fun and games when you hit the Twitter rowing stage!

For example, TFL, the twitter account for the underground Victoria line, has decided to become more humane and let its followers know that today will be a good day, if you wanted some confirmation from Adele and Alex that is…

photo 1


Thanks TFL, you made our day slightly, with your innocent tone and that you are humorous without trying…even though essentially, you are just two members of staff messing about on the firm’s social media lines, pre 8 am. Follow TFL lines for all useful tube updates, coupled with occasional staff entries of delightfullysimple, uplifting niceties. This one is from @victorialine. Heck why not collect ‘em all and memorise the staff on all the lines?

Did you know spaghetti hoops can actually organise themselves to spell out a sentence that mocks most of the youth population on Instagram? Well now you do… and so do 9GAG.


Follow 9GAG for plentiful sarcasm and the general ripping of the shindigs from the cultural commonalities around today.

Tab king’s listen up. We saved this one as this is pretty much the story of our lives and we are proud of it! Twitter account @JackAlexanderUK

photo 4 (1)

For regular pre-lunch time #cute alerts, sarcy team updates on the pub quiz members that are pretty average, Saturday night captions of the drunken crowd and ridiculously tantalising Sunday roast pictures, follow The Ship pub, Wandsworth. They’re one of the liveliest pubs we know and ‘keep it real’ through their Twitter voice. #Respec’

photo 2

It would be rude not to include the Innocent brand in this list, as they do so consistently well on their Tweets. From poor jokes, to exotic pictures of food art, @Innocentdrinks pull of their online voice extremely well.

photo 2 (1)

photo 3 (1)

Again don’t be shy, follow away and they will even occasionally grace you with their brand-designed infographics and visual anecdotes.

God has Twitter? Well yeah it is the 21st century and this cyber version of the almighty one is actually rather chilled. For updates on what life entails, an unappetising look into the future, and the general degrading of humanity, follow God. He’s an enthusiastic chap when it comes to sarcasm and his pretty cushy position away from Earth, he just doesn’t seem to like anyone much…. No bother, he keeps us chuckling away on our Twitter home feed during the office day.

photo 3

Handle: @TheTweetOfGod

And definitely not least of all, Jason Scott; just a normal, cool guy, working in the advertising industry in London, managing his own personal account and sharing his words of wit and wisdom. He regularly keeps us giggling with his confidant tone, non-serious chat on celeb culture, nifty blog references and some of the hidden industry’s insight based on his comical experiences. If you want a light-hearted attitude to life, adopt his. Twitter handle @Jason_Scott. We just found JS one day when scanning the creative sphere and secured ourselves some free entertainment. Give it a go!

photo 1 (1)

photo 4

photo 5

That’s all folks, tune in next week for Den’s latest drivel and we’re sure you will be none the more educated as you were before the read. Ciao.



Why London is one of the coolest cities on Earth



This week in the DEN we are preaching about how goddamn wonderful London is! YAY city chat. As avid urbanites (with a South London office) we thought we would tell you all about why London is one of the coolest cities through means of its creative merits (cos we are creative too!), quirky perks and things you should know!  OK, well all there is left to do is read on for pure enlightenment…

London is marvellous and weird. It encompasses an arrangement of interweaving fabulous activities, variety and perversion as well as some brilliant buildings, sturdy transport systems and some not so brilliant weather. However, it is infamous for its array of diverse boroughs, picturesque scenery and prevalent monarchy. But what we really enjoy is some of the stuff you can’t just read on a map and so we’ve discovered the rarities of living here, that you can only understand from experience. Here’s DEN’s gift of insight to you…

I bet no where else can you wear fancy dress on the tube and look as super as Mario…


…or travel next to a sleeping man who doesn’t even get alerted by this.

Be in central London and still feel like the loneliest person on earth… A weird juxtaposition but a magical embodiment all the same.


(Source: Culture Club, Club Monaco on Tumblr)

Walk past a Snow White Seth Rogen love-child in Shoreditch in broad day light.

snow white

Be entrapped in a reflective, enticing, odd space by St Pauls…both very awe-inspiring but also very OTT for a shopping mall. Anywho, #London.

st pauls

(Source: City Landscapes on Tumblr)

Go to coffee shops and listen to as many unlimited, entertaining and stomach-tickling conversations as you want, all day long, for as little as a price of a cuppa. Value for money much? Plus also some comforting central heating, a rich amorous odour and the opportunity to people watch- we all know you’re as nosey as the rest of us!


(Source: Doodle work by Ashley Kim on behance)

Occasionally see these new Heatherwick Studio modern bus additions to the travel network. That’s right TFL have upped their game on transport methods above ground, giving those sparse and far away routes some glamour. This one was spotted on the King’s Road heading out of central. The aim was to reduce the perceptible size of the vehicle by rounding edges, reconfiguring the chaotic interior organisation and circulation, whilst cutting fossil fuel usage. What do you think?


Go to Southbank and be guaranteed a busker of some kind of genre! We have spotted both an upbeat acoustic singing guy one evening, and an old, frail black man singing the smoothness of rhythm and blues on another occasion. Whatever your taste there will be someone telling their story, no matter the season.


(Source: Image by Andrew Shaylor on Tumblr)

See cute little Yoda napping on the tube…


(Source: Huffington Post, image by Josh Chow)

Go from one side of London to the other for only £1.45. The best value tour guide you’ll ever get for less than 2 quid and you get to do it without the rain, and some nice lady informing you of the stops as you approach them. Good huh? This route’s the 344 from Clapham Junction Station to North East- Appold Street. We rate the bus network HIGHLY and what-is-more, they’re always ruddy well maintained.


(Screenshot from Google Maps)


[All unsourced images in this post are from Alix Blankson's Twitter]

WANTED: SEO & Digital Marketing guru/genius/enthusiast



We’re looking for an experienced digital marketing enthusiast, we need you to be creative in your approach, with real expertise in search engine optimisation techniques and paid media.

You’ll deliver effective digital marketing strategies that enhance and promote the performance of our clients. We want the best writers in town who are super smart, have a willingness to work hard, know about SEO and the best future-proof methods for improving organic search rankings. We need you to understand what content gets people clicking on links and sharing content with a great understanding in the art of link building. We need you to be capable of looking into detailed analytics, able to generate a picture of our clients’ user, and then base an SEO strategy around this.

You need to understand the importance of search rankings – tell us why you love optimising web content and have an eagerness to work with analytics and data to get to the bottom of a particular trend. You need to be fully knowledgeable with proven experience in internal and external SEO techniques.

You need to have outstanding communication skills and be able to deal with both creative and corporate clients, we keep our clients happy by delivering way beyond their requirements and expectations – so we need your attitude to reflect this too.

The role will be dependent on the projects running at any given time, but will usually involve:

  • creating digital marketing and SEO strategies for clients
  • generate in depth client reports
  • working with our director to win new business with your unrivalled SEO knowledge
  • implementing and executing that innovative strategy
  • writing first rate original copy
  • working with budgets, and to tight timeframes
  • working with our designers and developers

As our SEO/blog/social guru, you will be supporting the rest of the team in delivering projects on time and within budget. Strong organisational skills are essential.

At Den everyone mucks in, we all work as a team, we talk to each other (laugh at each other) debate our work to get the best possible outcome and go to the (dog friendly) pubs together. This is an exciting time for Den and you have a real opportunity to put your stamp on a growing business.

Salary – please indicate your salary expectations.

Please note this is a four day a week role, Monday to Thursday.

Previous experience is vital.

To apply, please send a CV plus a covering letter to:

Applications deadline: 5 April 2014