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What would the world be without the Post Office?



In line with our recent post on some gorgeous, rare postal stamp designs (perhaps even the BEST stamp collection ever) -some even unreleased, floating around in the creative sea, we decided it would be nice to produce a collaborative blog entry for all you fanatics of the field. This post goes that bit further into the wonderful phenomenon of the postal service and details how valuable it has become up to date. But obviously we have reached a digital age in this contemporary world we live so…what would the world be without the Post Office, eh?

This infographic was produced by a lovely lot called ‘Numbersleuth’; an online organization renowned for exploring the world of numbers and statistics and presenting readers with fascinating facts on well…anything interesting! Infographics are not only fun, but also exceedingly useful and make absorbing key information exciting and simple! So why not first read this intriguing infographic and then explore more of their stuff.

Did you know the stamp most cherished, as a collectors item in the U.S is one that has Elvis Presley’s face splashed all over it? And did you know the most expensive stamp in the U.S is worth nearly a million dollars currently, with its denomination at 24 cents? Crazy huh?!

The last exciting fact that we fancy telling you about before you can learn about them for yourself is that 438,000,000 pieces of mail are processed every day! Phwoar, that’s rather a lot.

Life without the United States Postal Service
Source: NumberSleuth

Due to a rise in the number of Americans with access to an online mailbox, the future of the postal service is growing bleak. Blame it on the Gmail! Now it may not be about the U.K but it certainly is enlightening. Similarly, like many hard-copy versions of ‘things’ that are becoming digitalized, the postal service is suffering. This is very sad indeed, we think- what will happen to all those stamp designers?! And cute, quirky keep-sakes that are the result of such magnificent, little creations?

What side are you on?

Be sure to check out some more ‘fun with numbers’ on Numbersleuth- they make learning hard facts fun!

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