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The Use of Typography in Motion



Going off on a bit of a tangent today, we’ve investigated the use of typography in motion. Yep, motion video that handles typography and really ruddy well. Below are some lovely little screen shots of some clips we really appreciate and the links to see the whole thing. See what you think? Motion video is that bit harder to make successful, so kudos to the chaps that have pulled it off.

Did you know this type of art is also referred to as ‘Kinetic Typography.’ The text is created specifically to convey a message or resemble a particular idea. In a nut shell it is fonts coming to life.

Number One: The cutest thing you’ll ever see! This is a pep talk by a kid president. Motion media student Taylor English created the art behind this sound byte, for an animated typography project. The 90-second video is a visual representation of one of 9-year-old Robby Novak aka Kid President’s motivational speeches, which you can access on Youtube.

Screen Shot 2013-06-30 at 21.16.59

The typeface gives off a childlike impression, exploiting simplistic handwritten properties and its ‘jiggling’ about on screen gives off the idea of it being fuelled with constant energy- just like children are notorios for. The animation develops like a narrative and storybook, whereby illustrations are introduced intermittently and scales of typeface are employed to emphasize certain notions. Humans love visual variety for the ‘excitement factor’ so that aids with that as well! The nature and movement of the letterforms visually describe many of the nouns, personifying the words.

This one is very suave. The whole thing creates a sophisticated, more adult impression through its use of more classic, elegant and modern fonts. The animation production is simple, exploiting black and white as the key colour palette and featuring the key words primarily in the centre of the screen, with plentiful white space surrounding them.

Screen Shot 2013-06-30 at 21.16.41

Thibault de Fournas has combined the typefaces Bodoni and Didot in this entry entilted Karloff. It is a very stylistic attempt at fusing two extremes to show a combined whole. It oozes editorial themes and with the use of hairlines, fading and dissolving words, this motion clip appears very slick and professional.

Screen Shot 2013-06-30 at 21.33.30

Make It Better is super imaginative indeed! This video is the most dynamic of them all, exciting and clearly relishes its own variation. The text is lively, constantly evolving and the use of colour and morphing is just wonderful! A must see for those of you who have found your new passion in kinetic typography. This entry looks like it was very professionally compiled with seamless editing- video editors you must know making it look good is super tough, corr! Bet you wish you could make these don’t you? Well it’s created by Climent Canal with animation by Sebastián Baptista, if you fancy looking them up!

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