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…well anything really! This blog post brings you the best things about a variety of content to brighten up your days and give you something interesting to think about. We have gathered a delightful range of material ranging from the design end of the spectrum right up to your everyday found objects. You must know by now we love a bit of randomness in the DEN.

1. Logo:
We behold a huge admiration for this HI! logo from a digital brand of an independent online magazine. It’s fresh, direct, bold and bright, perfect for appealing to the young audience of punchy culture, music, style and lifestyle addicts. The website’s header font even reminds us of Olympics 2012 brand… Why not say HI here and visit their site!

2. Song:
This Jonquil song accompanied by a very quirky, cute little video! Not a lot happens in the 4 minute but the subtle bounce of the characters in the video is somewhat hysterical and the song itself has a very happy punctual vibe. If you want to be reminded of what a summer’s afternoon in a park full of hippie happy chicks and dude, with the smell of fruity barbeque flavours filling the air feels like, listen to this song. Jonquil ‘It’s my Part;’ go take a view. 

3. Objects made from the edible:
This is an odd one, that doesn’t deal with practicality or durability very well, but nonetheless these objects are original, fun to make and of course you can indulge in them. Who doesn’t love playful items you can eat!

Source: this blog.

These inviting and artistic packed lunches make midday dining a treat! Find out more here.

4. This app:

We are big fans of this ‘Pixel People’ iPad and iPhone app that is game based around an apocalyptic future of all things chirpy, cool and bright. It has been given popularity status by the Guardian this week and is free. There are no excuses for you not to try it, if you’re a fan of genres such as the old school Grand Theft Auto version, The Sims and Hubba Hotel. Build a new utopia!

5. These shoes:
They are down right unpractical and probably unattainable but nevertheless they are fascinating! Made from what looks like paper, this pair is origami originality at its best.

6. Jazz:
Compositional genius Miles Davis brought us ‘So What’ in 1959 on the album ‘Kind of Blue’. It has since been re-made several times, so its time to feast your ears on this extremely vivacious upbeat groovy jazz entry. Here’s a taster for you.

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