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The best stamp collection EVER!



To cap off this lovely week of May we thought we’d discuss postal stamps. Random we know but why the heck not?! There’s imagination behind everything that’s made nowadays. Yes these are the kind you slop onto the right hand corner of your envelopes and hope it has the power to do the rest. Furthermore, this is probably the best stamp collection EVER, because we have specially selected these for their creativity and design value! Keep reading, bearing in mind these are both official and unofficial design entries.

This one is Swiss, from February 2010 and was designed by Celestino Piatti. We chose this one for a rightful blog position for its very charmingly animated animal qualities and the big bulging eyes!


A first class stamp for the 2012 London Olympics. They went on sale October 22nd of 2010 and 2012, and each of the different stamps- representing a variety of the Olympic and Paralympic games- were each designed by their own artist. How lovely!


‘Aquatics’ was created by the infamous Julian Opie. Discover more Olympic stamps on The Telegraph.


These German stamps at one euro a pop celebrate the 150th birthday of Swedish author Selma Lagerlöf with an illustration by the German artist Wilhelm Schulz. This stamp deservingly won a place on this post due to its delicate portrayal of the flight of birds, infused with an abundance of innocence. The delightful pastel colours compliment the youthful subject matter beautifully, whilst the red really makes the stamp POP! There is indeed a little story behind the stamp’s content- the image depicts a scene from one of Lagerlöf’s best known works, a children’s book called The Wonderful Adventures of Nils, published in 1906.

Tidepooler has more musings on German stamps and other sorts!

Now how adorable is this?!


This stamp by Dick Bruna, entitled ‘Violin,’ is from The Netherlands. The designer creates children’s postage stamps on the themes of children and music. It was rightfully stumbled upon on Daily Design Discoveries - it’s so simple yet loveable!

Quirky stamps showing off cool crystals!


Yes, you may have recently seen our Facebook post on a wicked precious crystals and gems poster, but these stamps go the extra mile! They are so funky! Find out more about goodies like this on Design Work Life.

A United Nations stamp entitled ‘UN Dove & Globe’ from 1964.


See more of this kind at Aqua Velvet.

Stamps with unconventional colours! These are bright and bold indeed and designed by Eric R. Mortensen, a Brooklyn-bound illustrator. Check him out If you can’t get enough of his Space Animal stamp series!


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