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Striking Street Furniture



After a little blogging break we’ve brought back heaps of enthusiasm with this post! This week it’s all about the wonders of street furniture and how it is an entity that can actually be tailor made and wonderful! Whenever you think of street furniture, the standard benches, signposts and bins usually pop into your head, but not this time. DEN have collected several examples of some striking street furniture that will blow your socks off.


This powerful pink peculiar is designed by Naho and is a great addition to the seating array in any green space. Yes it’s weird but it’s so fun and useful!

This yellow tubular creation is part of a series of street furniture that consists of wrapping yellow drainage pipes around Hamburg’s urban infrastructure. It was aimed to ‘jazz’ up the existing and bring a splash of bright interest to any concrete context. They also look uber comfy too!


Vancouver contains an abundance of particularly high quality street furniture, the below being an example. This unconventional bicycle rack is located on Davie Street near the corner of Seymour, just outside a large new condo complex and is part of the city’s movement to ‘up their attractive and commercial game,’ with a largely proactive approach to planning.


What could be more beautiful and ambient than this intricate sunshade design in Seville, Spain? Located on Plaza Street this sun-shading device creates an interesting, playful urban atmosphere in conjunction with the open, bright context it sits within.


Photo by Mark Nolan.

May we also remind you there is absolutely nothing wrong with the good old-fashioned red post and telephone boxes! They are exquisite and irreplaceable in our eyes, adding that ‘classic’ touch any town. This scene can be found in Stratford-Upon-Avon.


(Photo from 124daisies on tumblr)

It’s not all about the modern! Any creative should be looking around at what used to work and what currently works, in order to be comparative and move forward in the right direction. Good is learning from previous successes and leaving behind the chunk of rubbish that wasn’t so good. That’s our tip for the day- stay following for our next blog post on (what is likely to be) some more random and exciting design-orientated ramblings.



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