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Some really nice wallpaper designs!



On a more generic tangent today, we are selecting a range of really nice wallpaper designs for your viewing. We don’t mean wallpaper to spice up that dull interior living mode of your communal room; we mean the exciting ‘WOW’ factor wallpaper that litters our desktops or digital screens. Basically anything we find that can be sprawled across a large canvas, tiled, or used to create visual marvel. Imagine some of these as a website backdrop even? Oh yeah!

Number 1
This is actually the work of Irving Harper who works in paper to create this immaculately beautiful and textural piece. This one is our favourite as there is so much visual interest, but the designer has also created horses, masks, animated characters and mythical creatures. This image would work particularly well as a iPad or tablet’s background wallpaper in full size!


Number 2
These few were chosen for their superb serene scenery and innovative viewpoints! We do enjoy photography that pushes the limits that bit further and introduces us to a new way of interpreting the world, especially the wonders of the natural and built landscape. They require you to adjust and focus your eyes more in relation to just a simple flat direct viewpoint.

The first is a photo by Joel Tjintjelaar.

photo by Joel Tjintjelaar SONY DSC



Number 3
Miniature worlds contained in liquid! The intelligent photographer Markus Reugels introduces us to a new way of understanding the science and technical ability of the camera.

‘Using large satellite photos as a backdrop and a high-speed camera he captures the background’s refraction through water drops. The perfectly timed shots result in these spherical representations of the Earth, Moon and Jupiter.’ (

liquid-1 liquid-2

Number 4
Pattern crazy is the theme here. In contrast to those gorgeous dream-like panoramas, some of you may prefer the intricate detailing of wonderful graphics, illustrations or repeated units. Here are a few of our recent favourites with regards to this description.

The first entry is iPad Retina Wallpaper on the Behance Network.

ipad wallpaper

electronic pattern

Find out how to get your hands on this cute elephant from We Heart It.


These two feline-featuring entries are from Jack Magpie.




Find this perfect pattern on We Heart It.


Number 5
Objects, stuff, physical things encapsulated in negative space is the next batch. The objects are thus the forefront of these backgrounds, so here are a few spectacles celebrating ‘the thing’ or ‘the form.’

For more information on this first entry, visit the artwork on Behance.


Now we think this idea is ultra cool, going by the name of ‘Things Organised Neatly.‘ There are several works like this on the blog using various objects and scenarios, so go check out some more funky uses of OCD!


Avengers Assemble made from lots of stuff! WK for Target on Allan Peters’ Blog.

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