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Quirky Portraiture!



We love a good portrait and especially those with an alternative twist on the human form, so this week we are focusing on quirky portraiture! Yes that title includes works from cartoonists, artists, graphic designers and photographers- all the spheres of the creative globe. You’ll be sure to discover something new and inspiring and if you’re as much of a fan as portraiture as us, you may even want to share them with other enthusiasts. Keep the love spreading…

Charles Burns is up first with his striking black and white cartoon portraits. He’s a graphic novelist and cartoonist by profession and is best known for his front cover contributions to The Believer Magazine. The Adam Baumgold gallery is showcasing an array of Burns’ covers ranging from 2003-2013, plus before and after portraits from Black Hole, to which he was the author. Go check ‘em out!

1 2


Guy Shields’ work is awesome! Take a look at his vibrant, energetic and quirky portraiture. He has a nice classic take on cartoon, graphic portraiture and even does an odd celebrity now and then. Can you recognize the one featured?

guy guy2


Paintings are always mesmerizing and artists such as Adele Renault showcase why. Capturing the delicate details of the human face, Renault introduces to us ‘The Elderlies.’ Belgium born and bred, the artist now resides in Amsterdam and this latest collection is a series of four small oil paintings. They capture poetic moments in everyday existence, exhibiting the dialogue between memories and life. The Mag has more to show and tell on this talented painter.


Now here’s portraiture from behind the lens. Danny Roche’s work is dark, mysterious and beautiful. These close-up photographs are featured on booooooom. Don’t you think some of the subjects appear as if they are looking into the souls of others? Very moving. That is what all successful art and creativity should do.

danny danny2


This type of portraiture is fabulously odd- we love it! Wall to Watch bring us an array of interesting headshots. From fox to sloth, fashion photographer Yago Partal, combines portraits of animals with the shoulders of human beings to complete this clever series of ‘Zoo Portraits.’ They’re even available to buy in print or card form. Let’s go crazy!

yag 2 yag 3 yag

Last but not least in 3 words: gorgeous, ornamental, and sacred. These unusual photograph portraits are by Oleg Oprisco, a very creative-minded, professional photographer based in Ukraine. Specialisms include still life, fashion and lanscapes as you can see by the selection of photos we’ve blogged! We adore this type of work; it appears so gentle and easy, yet a lot of effort and thinking has gone into making them so powerful. Kudos Oprisco! What a blog!

oleg 1 oleg 2

oleg 3


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