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Some really ruddy nice brand graphics



Because we love a bit of branding, especially in this tech digital age, we thought we would especially hand select some mighty fine examples of graphics used within branding found on the world wide web. This includes some exquisite and well rendered pieces as part of trends and events that emerge everyday, seasonal scheme makeovers or updated rebrands that attempt to renew an existing name. If this is all waffle to you, read on and let the visuals do the describing. Den’s February collection of some really ruddy nice brand graphics.

First up an accidental discovery when researching ‘creative cities’ on the web-A University of Toronto’s concise research document on their strategies for a creative city. This is our small-scale, independent brand scheme example in this assorted list. They combine stark contrasting colour, with slick neat playful graphics. The colour white seems to be a favorite aesthetic feature, as does the use of plentiful, untouched, clean space surrounding text. (Well it’s actually quite coloured in this case) Together this gives a refreshing, contemporary brand aura, where simple text is celebrated and the pink spectrum is used in a serious vocation…interesting. What do you think- too cliche or a successful reputation revival of academia?

Picture 2 Picture 3 Picture 4

See the full document brand scheme here.

NUMBER 2 is APPLE. Greeted by this Monday homepage on the 3rd of February 2014, it was the slim, linear style against the (once again) satisfyingly blank white space surrounding it. On site entrance, this multi-coloured linear logo emerges in a dynamic, wistful arrangement, (much better than Powerpoint effects) until it completes itself on screen in celebration of Mac’s birthday. It’s the combination of minimal density, motion and simplicity with this temporary brand device.

 Picture 1 Picture 5


Use pictures in branding! Powerful, skilled photography can put that star in your A grade. It can hit the audience like POW and create perfection in a single shot as opposed to graphics which require planning, curation, tweaking, editing and the rest. Spontaneity, (in contrast to art directed) can spark fresh ideas and result in the snap you didn’t know you were looking for! This creative project by Souverin Weesp combines image with graphics is part of a Nike RED advertising campaign. However the graphics in this piece are not the expected computer rendered ones… this work is based on CGI and Postproduction.

Picture 6 Picture 7 Picture 8

How it was made?

Drogba was shot without anything in his hands. The laces were then created in 3D and integrated into the photography. The 3D hands were created as reflection and shadow influence.” (Artist’s comment and more work on Behance)

Paul Smith- a uniquely British fashion brand, is renowned for its busy, vibrant, colour combinations in vertical stripes. Not usually fans of hardcore colour overload, we think Paul Smith does it rather well! It does have that 90s appeal detectable still, (see the initial brand image) but has been modernized by its variations in product packaging and more contemporary, fragmented versions of its multi-coloured stripes. Take this fabulously sophisticated Evian water bottle par example; it employs more space between the lines and possesses a contemporary aura through a new and more liberal stripe directional arrangement. Also remember consistency is key when revamping and adding to brands to ‘keep up’ in the creative world- here it’s in the typography!
 Picture 9 Picture 10
For tips on whatmakes a successful brand, we recommend CreativeBloq’s post on Seven Successful Rules of Branding.


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