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Narrative Graphics



What sounds more fun than narrative and graphics in a combined post, eh!? Narrative graphics are little anecdotal creations that generate a chuckle or two and look rather good. It takes intelligent communication via the elements used and a selective choice of what visual devices to use. Read on to learn about the art of portraying messages with concise and effective graphic designs.

Number 1- Just your average chocolate bunny interaction

This entry plays on the notion that Easter bunny chocolates are edible in their entirety. One gets their butt munched, deciding to tell his friend and the other- bless him- get’s his ears removed, so can’t even respond, setting up an illimitable conversation.


Get the Tee from SnorgTees.

Inanimate object feuds…


…that are actually animated in this graphic! Giving the (normally very average) objects a character immediately sets the scene for humour. Secondly, us viewers understand the situation by reading their little facial expressions, seeing their weapons, encouraging us to choose a side. Paper guy is always on the fence, we like him.  Anyone for an intense game of rock paper scissors? Again why not get a T shirt from Snorgtees, entitled ‘Mexican Standoff.

Maths fans this is for you. Who really knows their symbols and giggled at this one? Pi, do be rational and square root of negative one should probably get real.


Pi be Rational can be purchased at Snorgtees.

This is the work of designer Anneke Short based in London, who has made a very literal narrative with her use of graphics. Using type to convey the message is simple, bold and straight to it. And, the message itself is actually quite true. Comic Sans when are you going to stop infecting our design lives with your presence.


See more of her literal amusing stories on Behance.

This is an oxymoron. Full stop. No explanation needed. And no, no one wishes it was true, but please everyone eat your greens they are wonderful for your insides! That’s our moral of the day over with thanks to designer Glenn Jones. He even has a few more of these quirky graphic entries on AND they are available in T Shirt form.


Welcome to irony city. The following graphics pretty much tell it as it is using some of the most globally famous brands, but employing a small name alteration. These are clever!

beer Porsche-Penis-extender fb Mtv


Do you agree with Swedish designer Viktor Hertz? He deserves some recognition  for his honest logos.

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