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Inspiration website: THIS IS COLOSSAL



And it literally is! ‘Colossal’ or This is Colossal, is an online art, photography and design platform showcasing the latest inspiration in the creative fields. It was founded and now editorially maintained by Chicago based creator Christopher Jobson. If you ever fancy learning about something new from around the globe, let this place be your first destination. Browse around this awesome source of inspiration and find out the background below…

Christopher Jobson has contributed to Wired Magazine and designboom, and has set Colossal up as a ‘webby-nominated blog.’ Every week there’s 20-25 new posts on photography, design, animation, painting, installation art, architecture, drawing and street art. It is in no way affiliated with the NYC hand-painted sign company, the multidisciplinary design agency, or the indie-punk band and self-titled ‘art and visual ingenuity.’ Some kind words from the press have stated:

‘One of our favourite art blogs’- The Hairpin, August 8th2012

“Colossal is a top-notch visual art/design blog.” —Jason Kottke, June 29, 2011

Site of the Day —Nylon Magazine, August 29, 2011

social media to educate the masses on art, design, and culture. —Dwell Magazine, May 2012

Examples of work have included:

1. A Colorful Winter: Organized Fruits and Vegetables Photographed by Florent Tanet

Check out the rest of the organic fun here.

2. LEDscape: A Lightbulb Landscape in Portugal

3.The Chromatic Typewriter

4. Manic Doodle Drawings by Sagaki Keita

More doodling here.

5. Gale-Force Winds Directly to the Face

Other gale-force photos here.

6. New Papercraft Stop-Motion Music Video for Shugo Tokumaru by Animation Masters Kijek / Adamski

Watch the video here.

7. An Underwater Bonsai Tree by Makoto Azuma

8. The Happiness Machine: Exquisitely Detailed Architectural Drawings by Mark Lascelles Thornton

9. Time-lapse Images of Nude Dancers Created with 10,000 Individual Photographs

See more nude dancers here.

10 . Winners & Honorable Mentions of the 2012 National Geographic Photography Competition

[Photo by Micheal Eastman/National Geographic Photo Contest]

[Photo by Fransisca Harlijanto/National Geographic Photo Contest.]

See more of the photography competition winners here.

Now don’t you agree that all of that was such fun? Well if you do, keep referring to it, it’s ever so handy. And keep following our blog for more great sources of inspiration. :)

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