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Surreal half animal, half human portraits



OK this feature is kinda creepy, we can admit, but it was so cool we couldn’t not blog about it! As always in the DEN, if it’s kooky, odd or animal related we love it and fancy sharing it with you guys! If you’re interested in highly detailed photography, digital imaging and animal heads, you’re in luck. Here are surreal half animal, half human portraits.

They are the creative product of the Quebec-based photographer Ulric Collette. He combines human bodies with various animal heads and traits. It’s strange, his subjects almost look they could be real, existing in the deep forest somewhere…

Collette, born 1979, is a self-taught photographer who studied art and graphic design at Quebec city in the late 90s. Nowadays he’s seen all over the web, in well-known magazines such as Eqsuire, Abode and Prism and has featured in the 2012, Seagram Art Gallery exhibition, October 2nd-28th.

Collette is also known for his similarities in Genetic Profiles between family members. Spooky face merging portraits…

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Find out more from the fantastically-minded Ulric Collette on his website.






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