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Fantastic Fonts



Today we’re blogging about the beloved field of typography! YAY! Below are a fine selection of fantastic fonts to feast your eyes on and hopefully spark up some typographic inspiration. As big typeface lovers, we thought we’d add to our previous typography posts by showcasing a few of our favourites as of late.

The first is from a series called ‘Various Type Treatments’ by Justin Thomas Kay, which stood out as a winner from the lovely lot of this group. Showcasing chunky bold shapes, close positioning and creating a weighty presence on screen, we thought this typeface was particularly attractive for a clothing brand project. It looks as if it would sit perfectly amongst a new quirky shoe label campaign. The best thing about it in our opinion, is the discorded, juxtaposition of extrusions the forms make, creating an asymmetric display of letters. It looks full-bodied, funky and creates immediate impact!

See more of the project here.

Our second from the above source, we thought we would throw in ‘just because.’ Three words for this one: SPARKY, UPPERCASE, ATTITUDE.

Number 2 is an entry by Jordan Metcalf who brings us some delightfully, playful and streamlined typography. What we favoured most in this font family, was its great presence on a surface- its 3D stance and subtle shadowing makes it pop out from the page, whilst looking exceedingly sophisticated. Good work!

See it here.

The third project has to be right up there with one of the most innovative typography series we’ve seen up to date. It personifies motion, dynamism and powerful ideas to the max! This is the work of Mountstar, a creative company from Japan, as a set of 4 still pieces and 4 accompanying GIF animations, entitled Hidden Typography. The word focus’ are WATER, WIND, BEAM and LIGHTNING. Wow!

They utilize computer animation to really bring this set alive. The lightning is energetic, fiery and the progression of motion in the GIF is remarkably intricate. Watch as the fizz drops from the top and circulates that clean-cut letter forms, pulsating to a fade. The visual power and seduction from the black and white colour scheme is unreal. Check the full works out here, you won’t regret this click.


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