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Beautiful wrapping paper designs



As a strange yet applicable subject area we have ventured on to beautiful wrapper paper designs today. Wrapping paper is so underrated and usually the anti-lazy option for regular gift-givers, so we think they deserve some acknowledgement. Someone has spent a lot of time and creative energy churning out lovely ideas to sprawl all over these vast sheets of paper, so here are a few we have selected fitting the criteria they are FAB.

First up some luscious and loveable cats!

cat 1 cat2

“Kittens” Wrapping paper for Hemlock Printers was designed by Marian Bantje. What we really love about this paper design is it’s repetitive kaleidoscopic notion creating a sprawl of feline fun! Perfect for your best friend’s birthday or even putting up on your wall for a striking feature. (Well we think it’s cute enough for that anyway!)

Number 2 is Irish made and very affordable may we add, ‘Little Houses wrapping paper,’ from Rene Mullin. The paper is actually entitled ‘Baille,’ which translates to ‘home’ in English and is available from Etsy.

house 1

Maps! Who doesn’t love maps! This is a very original and make-shift wrapping paper for all the budding geographers out there. A map itself is beautifully and thoughtfully crafted entity, so wrap this over your favourite souvenir and you got a super package! If you fancy a purchase, visit Paper Source for several varieties.


At number 4 we declare ‘an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.’ Well factually it doesn’t. In fact, it leaves one person with an eyeball left and luckily they will be able to view this gorgeously hand-stamped entry. This wrapping paper is Lova’s World DIY craftwork and comes in al sorts of varieties; from owls to crowns and beyond!


Macaroons and moustaches- two lovely sister prints from Paper Source. Find them in the home wrap section and even get them in gift bag form! Wahey! And while you’re at it check out the Cavillini London Underground wrap, the beer run wrapping and our personal favourite, the Holiday owls.

maca mostaches

They also have pixelated wrapping paper, which we fricken adore because it relates to the digital sphere and encapsulates a range of colour. This one’s ideal for the tech geeks and art fanatics.


Lastly we think you should check this out. It’s actually tactile- a gift-wrap with baker’s twine and pom-poms. How adorable! Find it on Anthropologie in the other colour. (Unfortunately this is not longer available to buy, sad face)


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