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Babies Tasting Lemons



This find was just too good not to blog about. I mean how often do you come across a series of photographs of babies tasting lemons? It’s one of a kind creative entertainment.

This pleasurable and enjoyable work of babies tasting lemons for the first time, is by the imaginative David Wile and April Maciborka. They have collaborated to create a series of varied, dynamic portraits showcasing baby expressions from disgust, to surprise to glee. How can you not smile at any of these shots?

Words from the project photographers: “Lemons can be a great source of entertainment, especially when you give babies the opportunity to taste it for the first time!” The duo specialise in creative direction and digital photography.

We couldn’t agree more. Read on and relish…

baby1 baby2


baby4 baby5


If you can’t get enough of these, there’s plenty more to see on David Wile’s and April Maciborka’s websites.

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