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Awesome Album Artwork: The King Krill



Awesome Album Artwork entry: The  artwork we’re reviewing today is The King Krill from Diode and Rick Holland, impending a March 2013 release. Every now and then we like to throw something different into the mix and today’s focus is design within the music scene. This entry caught our attention due to its strikingly bold visual impact it makes on first glance.

The black and white colour scape lends itself marvellously to such a fragmented image style and the bands of a jumbled photograph gives it huge  dynamism. In general we love a bit of linearity so The King Krill is a particular favourite, primarily because it encourages you to study further until you fully absorb what’s going on. The disjointed and disorderly cover image combines several faces from the making of the album, with distinct features displaying each one’s character. It’s like a more adult, sophisticated puzzle with an edgy lick!

Like the intriguing, alternative and bewitching tracks this album possesses, the front cover is a strong personification of the music’s atmosphere. We were immediately fascinated and the holistic appeal of the artwork is captivating and mysterious, just like their genre.  Sometimes it’s always interesting to reflect on an album’s front cover composition- whether all the square spaced is used or not, how much negative space is present, what the text image ratios are etc. As the album is extremely energetic and bursting full of stuff to say, the full composition seems highly appropriate. You have to go with a charismatic cover if you’ve got charismatic content!

The King Krill is a collaborative album entry into the new genre of experimental emerging music; it combines the talents of a poet with the skills and creative innovation of a musician (amongst many other flavours). As an introductory first album together, combining years of practice and hard work, the duo are storming ahead with a wealth of exciting projects under their belts. We’d say the artwork is a perfect personification of the album’s musical aura, whilst stating their starting  presence in the field.

It also comes in a version with a white background which is a refreshingly brighter alternative. This one perhaps shows off less dark magic, but still carries huge interest. ‘Beautiful in black’ not only suits an accurate description of the album artwork, but even more so their music. Several singles from the album have their own pieces of artwork, each melodramatic in their own way and with a splash of a new colour. This is an exciting contrast to the black and white scheme, yet fits in perfectly with the consistent style of the whole album.

Check out the super guy who created this artwork here, Mr Pete Lewis. He has a wicked website and an even better beard! He describes himself as a man of very few words, compassionate about his design work and currently runs Beard Studios in Berlin. Mr Lewis himself stated

‘The artwork is a visual representation of the album, seven people all giving pieces of themselves to make one finished product. It was made by shredding press shots of each artists. These shreds were then reassembled to make the final image.’

To preview some of their music click here and you might even see some more exciting graphics too! Why not peruse your music collection and pick out a few of your own faves? We forget the little things in the field of design we don’t take much notice of anymore.

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