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A series of innovative designs



As a refreshing subject change, this week we have decided to curate a post collecting a series of innovative designs. To elaborate, things we have recently discovered on the web that we find truly inspiring have been selected to make the cut this week. Works of artists, designers and photographers are incorporated in compiling this collection of fabulous finds. The post showcases some intelligent creative thinking and as such a topic is pretty limitless, we’ve had to be really thorough when trying to wrap this one up. Prepare to be amazed…

In celebration of the London Tube Map’s 150th birthday, LEGO have helped create 5 maps out of the infamous plastic brick pieces. The series tracks the map’s evolution from 1927 to present day and even provides a projection into the future 2020 tube map. How interesting? It’s tactile, visually textural and showcases the sheer scale of the tube map phenomenon that we all take for granted. Each one is composed of 1000 pieces! That’s a hell of a lot of Lego, don’t you think?


Find out more with Digital Arts.

Now this object was thrown in for its cute factor. Displaying heaps of character, these wooden tissue boxes are made more life-like by the added facial expressions. Makes a change from the usual vanilla, cuboid, Kleenex design doesn’t it? They are small, nifty and bound to make you smile on any bedside surface. The creative team Hyo-Tan-Gura makes them. Discover more about these wonderful little creatures at Cutesign.




Old books transformed into detailed flower sculptures! Literature and nature make this powerful combination and who’d a thought it?! These works of art are made by Pam Langdon and composed by the meticulous folding of book paper.




This one is superb! The built environment and people fuse together to create ‘City Silhouettes.’ This project by Jasper James uses double-exposure photography to capture the character of awe-inspiring world views and the power of the profile. You can almost feel a sense of place when you browse through his work. It’s delicate yet potent, playing on different shades of light and exploiting precious moments occurring in the natural and man-made world.




Look through more of the silhouettes on Abduzeedo.

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