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5 reasons to become a designer



This unconventional post with a hint of rambling and lots of enthusiasm is a little different from our usual objective content. We thought we’d throw in some opinion from a designer’s perspective about…well, why, designing is so fab! So below here are 5 reasons to become a designer, along with some complimentary images.

A world of possibilities!
There are those several lucky careers paths that allow you to be freethinking, wild and out the box with imagination. Designing is one of them. Yu get to make your mark how you see fit, there is no real right or wrong answer (as long as you fit the brief) and you get the lovely warm, fuzzy feeling after you complete something that is successful. Just go with it!


It’s a lovely change from the stresses of life.
Everyone has stuff to do; people to see and sometime it can all get a bit too much. Well the good thing about being a creative, is that you can push all this angst and energy into something productive- aka designing. Doing an activity that can liberate you or free you momentarily from being confided and under pressure due to the logistics of life can be healthy and healing for the soul. We even find some of the best ideas can come from just taking a break and splurging what’s in your mind all over the page! Turn negativity into productivity!


It’s from the heart.
As cheesy as Edam as that is, it genuinely sparks from the inner you! From years of your life experiences and being shaped from childhood everyone has something different to offer design. Its like putting your own flavour in what you create. Each designer can nurture their own projects in their own style, ensuring no piece is work is ever the same as anyone else’s, whether it be via approach, outcome or drivers. That’s pretty special huh?!

love 2


It’s interactive.
It can be very hands-on, stimulating and varying. For example one day you could be pacing a beautiful place in a new city for inspiration, the next your trying out a new gadget in a studio or gathering data for market research…and obviously everything in between! If you work better by ‘doing’ then do; make some maquettes, model some prototypes! Or if writing helps your brain buzz, open a word document or grab your notebook and vent, map and doodle. Try a range of things to help find how you work the best. Experiment!


It can help others.
As strange as this may sound you are effectively designing for a purpose and with a purpose comes people. People want something that you can provide and so do it with pride! Make it lovely and do it when it needs to be done and people will respect that. Designers usually create for a function and so if this function helps people in their lives at all then that’s just a super added bonus! Think of Thomas Edison with the light bulb, or George Foreman’s grill phenomenon, or the person who designed uber comfy beds in planes, or the designer who first introduced us to aviator sunnies, or that aesthetically magnificent flyer that help promote club nights, or those quirky egg cups that compliment your culinary collection… and the list goes on and on…



But in summary, designing is a really great thing. It is rewarding, limitless (to a degree), fun and has scope for true intelligence. There is also a bunch of cool software, programs, electronic systems and gadgets us web designers get to play with so we’re pretty content!

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