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10 ways to boost your productivity at work



It’s always tough maintaining the Monday morning momentum throughout the week and keeping up enthusiastic appearances in the mean time. We know office work or constant output can be tough, it’s a hard life being brilliant, so we have conjured up a pretty trustworthy list of things you can do to make your day at work more productive. This is especially appropriate for Wednesday afternoon onwards…

1. A ruddy good night’s sleep. Get at least seven hours we say, no one can think as clearly or as positively as someone with a good rest behind them. NHS state between six to nine hours per night is recommended, but we like the idea of minimum seven (tehe).


IKEA Levitation by Jyo John.

2. Eat sugar during the day. Start with a slow energy release breakfast such as wholegrain toast, porridge, or yoghurt and muesli etc. Try to lay off caffeine- but we know it is vital sometimes, so save it until you really need it during the dragging hours of the day. By sugar we mean good sugars, such as those in fruit! Apples, oranges, juices and smoothies are-OH MY GOSH- oh so awakening and keep you buzzed.

Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 13.19.08

Forbidden fruit by Karan Singh.

3. Try and situate your smaller working environment, if possible, by a window or area with plentiful natural light, and perhaps the added opportunity of an opening. Fresh air can hit you awake and keep you invigorated almost immediately. Being in a cozy, darker, warmer place can help nod you off and reduce focus on the task at hand. (As lush as that sometimes sounds!) Studies have even shown that being connected to views and the outside environment has health and wellbeing benefits.


Rear Window by Alexandra Jarek.

4. Before going to work read the paper or listen to the radio news. This is firstly not only good for kick starting thinking and absorbing information in your brain, but also gives you added chat fuel for those pauses and office breaks. No one enjoys dull company over lunchtime now, do they? It also makes great use of that commute.


Once Upon A Time by Engin Oztekin.

5. Make a really good lunch before you go to work. Having something to look forward to half way through the day can give you excitement and incentive…well it does us! Nothing better than treating your insides nicely after a powerful morning sesh. We like meaty pasta salads, quinoa and cranberry mixes, savoury brioche sandwiches, nuts and greens! MOREOVER, make something different and exotic each day of the week to keep your taste buds surprised.


Sandwich Packaging by April Naoman. 

6. Go on a walk on a break. Get the old legs moving, breathe some fresh air and have a look about. Have a gander at your surrounding area and think about the place; what you like, dislike, what’s interesting, the people, what has changed since you first arrived etc. This is more for fun but it still keeps your mind off work material for a bit before you go back to it. Or even better, get a dog! We bring good ol’ Snoop to work and he gives us a great excuse to keep getting out to refresh ourselves.


Holly by Tom Ralston.

7. Write lists. Lists are boring but wonderful and can downsize an overbearing load that may seem unachievable, to doable chunks. Wunderlist is our favourite online website that keeps us ticking and saves us losing those multiple scraps of paper! Wahey!


Meet Mable by Amy Collins.

8. Take a few nice pictures, pieces of art or posters into work and put them up with pride! It reminds you throughout the day that you’re not just a cog you’re a human. Surround yourself with things that brighten up your day and keep you smiling. This option can also be employed through the medium of music too. If listening to jams that push you through piles of priorities at a better rate than throughout silence, then make a killer playlist!


Artwork by Ian Stevenson.

9. Stretch and use your body after a long day when you get home. Whether it’s yoga, Youtube videos or handstands, (whatever it may be) try it! It allows you to realize all of your limbs and physical potential of your body, relaxes your mind, releases tension and overall, makes you feel more at ease and ready for bed. #Yogayawn


Mellow by HiredMonkeez.

10. When you have done a ton of brilliant things, note them down! Keep a record of your productive achievements, then why not at the end of the year congratulate yourself with a creative plaque! It’s lovely and fulfilling to look back on what you are capable of in an annum and if it was not as satisfying as you may have hoped, it can spur you on for a better next year. Why not use Prezi or Infogram to display how fabulous are in interactive ways!


Yesness by Janus Badenhorst.

We hope these actually pay off and they boost your productivity at work. Let us know how you get on!

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