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Office essentials to brighten up your day



AHOY there DEN readers! This week we’re bringing you several amazing office essentials to brighten up your day. We’re not referring to the conventional, absolutely beige objects that every corporate environment has, such as a coloured paperweight or an opaque egg lamp that some people think are ‘super quirky’, snore…NO Way you should know us better than that. Click here to discover some unusual and fascinating work environment additions. We’ll give you one incentive to start with: a miniature greenhouse!

Solar powered motion toys! OMG you can stare at these for wayyy too long and become totally besotted. Check out The Wharf’s dancing Hula girl- she dances with the sun’s rays, how much more poetic can you get than that!?


Why not boost or ruin someone’s ego on a report you work together on? Nah that’s a bit harsh actually, but perhaps you can use these ‘like’ /‘dislike’ stamps on post-its for your most and least favourite peers, sticking them to their laptops. #OfficeJokes


As promised a miniature greenhouse for your desk! And the best thing about it is that it will soon be producing snacks to gorge on. This little contraption adds some greenery and adds some fresh viewing in the technology-clad, enclosed spaces we work in as designers! Find out how it all works at CreativeBloq.

underneath_1000x660 greenhouse

Oh why the hell not, let’s max out on the zen, nature vibes while we’re at it. CreativeBloq once again showcase some awesome product designs and this little edible garden will rock your office space. Ditch what your mumma used to say ‘don’t play with your food’ and get your teeth around some stones and sand…

zen garden

If you want to add even more screen-based distraction, why not ensure your mobile phone is ‘up in your grill’ with this poignant iStuck bubblegum phone stand.


Last but not least, one for the foul-mouthed, angry types- an instant f*ck you snow globe from KnockKnock. Described as an ‘ideal gag gift for misanthropes and haters’ and the ‘hardest-working globe in snow business,’ why not get three?! Shake for instant irreverence.


If that’s a bit too hardcore for y’all, there’s a more light-hearted option: An instant party snow globe for your desk. TIP: best to use from 5.30pm onwards, ideal for Thursdays onwards.

party globe

Fascinating photography techniques!



Hi GANG! We’re feeling super inspired for the on-going summer months, with awesome ideas captured by the camera on the brain. And we’re not just talking any photography- this week it’s about the unconventional and unique works of the underground creatives. Lately we’ve come across some fabulous shot styles, so we thought we’d compile an inspirational list of fascinating photography techniques.

From surreal horror scenes to mouth-watering landscape shots, we’ve included artists with that extra little bit of zing. Pulled from a range of sites on the web, this list’s primary theme is the achievement of an unusual, effective and bold execution that probes an emotional response. None of that colour opposites malarkey- think powerful scenes with simple ideas!

Up first on Creative Boom, ‘surreal worlds’ have been created by blending photographs…Now these are mega cool.


Mirror mirror… This reflection photography in Copenhagen is by Morten Nordstrøm and it makes the city look oh so crisp and romantic!


How many times can you morph a man’s head into various wild and differing scenarios, getting creepier by the shot? You got 110 % WAY out the box in this series of surrealist photos by Martín De Pasquale.

surreal head

Yay to nature and yay to bees…but not just any bees! Check out Sam Droege’s macro views of a bug’s life. Bees are just so frickin’ cool aren’t they? AND they have rather interesting hair arrangements…


This may be the wildest in content, with the juxtaposition of human portraits neighbouring their donut doubles. It may sound strange, (it did to us first time round) but have a peruse at a few of these and you’ll get what we mean by uncanny people-confectionary likenesses.


Find more of Brandon Voges’ quirky work on Behance.

Lastly, probably the most innovative execution yet- MatCloud’s BEEN THERE DONE THAT series. These images have a whole lotta attitude, capturing some marvellous vertical panoramas of magical city moments.



Inspirational quotes in graphics



After perusing the web’s creative sphere, we thought a blog post on inspiration quotes in graphic design form would be in order. NO they are not ‘Carpe Diem’ and the regularly overly and ignorantly quoted, but actually some rather weird, cute and touching phrases. There seems to be only a limited number of ways you can express your feelings to another person, but through specially crafted art and graphics you get that all important uniqueness element of keepsake or wall decoration and that ever-welcomed batch of enthusiasm!

 Get a bit individual and try making your own after absorbing some inspiration from this lovely lot we’ve collected for you! Some of these are from freelance creatives from about the globe and others from established companies –either way they popped into our periphery for a reason- they strike a smile J Simply portraying a message in visual form can create a much larger impact, slide into a nice memory crevice for longer due to the memorable elements and pull in a variety of techniques other than purely type. See what you can decipher from the following other than just the word content itself…

Duncan Noack-Cox with ‘Congratualtions’ from, in the Occasions 2014 collection.

you did it

Again from Urban Graphic, Rob Hodgson with another Congratulations. Who doesn’t like a pun? Same link as above kids.


Courage comes in many forms, so don’t judge everyone by the same standards says


Naomi Elliot has our top spot so far with this entry. See more of her humbling and quirky style on Behance. Mmmm pastries…


“I believe a leaf of grass is no less than the journey-work of the stars.”
Walt Whitman, by Sanja Pavlovic. See more on Behance.


This beautiful little tale is from ClassiclyAmber. So let’s just all change the way we think and feel more blessed than that happy little bird!


These last few are just some we couldn’t resist plucked from our Pinterest explorations, with sadly, no creator named :(





two sides

We hope you enjoyed the ride! Keep your eyes peeled for more of the like in due course. We love indulging in design and reading in the DEN, corrr!

Animation in Music Videos



Proceeding from our week of cartoon illustrations, this week we are advancing into the animated music video world. Now it is no word of a lie that we are huge music fans and even more so when artists get collaborative and creative within their videos. So this week check out what we’ve been listening to and visually chomping on in terms of animation in music videos….

Up first it’s KARN-YAY. This video is animated by Bill Plympton, depicting the story of Kanye West – Heard ‘Em Say ft. Adam Levine. Its sketchy, child-like style portrays some of the deep content in a more approachable and sympathetic manner. Essentially the song is about how everything happens for a reason and look at bad times optimistically because they are set out to make you a more well-rounded person.

 Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 17.57.06

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 17.56.50

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 17.56.42

Next we have Sara Lim – Todd Kessler: Put you in my pocket, whereby Sara Lim has a fab website of her own. This one is again, a cute, playful sketchy visualisation of the song, but this time with a more definite monochrome theme, less to do with people and more about shapes, objects and line.

 Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 18.48.53

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 18.48.37

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 18.48.04

Again we can’t, ignore another Kanye special. He manages to pull it out the bag with his engaging music videos. This time Heartless is colourfully animated in cartoon style, with a shockingly, bright colour palette and flashing lights…excuse the pun. Check out this visual parade of a love story, incorporating those life-like human movements, emotions and sass.

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 16.34.28

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 16.34.09

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 16.33.55

Now this next video for Twice by Little Dragon is so mystical, adorable and weird at all once! It may not be fully animated but it is creatively constructed to present a type of anonymous objective reality, depicting the song with puppets, light and silhouettes. Again the lyrics are about the twists and turns of a relationship, but with a deeper poetic style- that’s Little Dragon! It’s like viewing an art gallery motion picture of edginess…We heart it.

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 21.11.40

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 21.11.29

This video is even stranger to look at- it’s startling as soon as you realise the characters have something going on with their proportion… Not conventional animation but humorous all the same, Chiddy Bang’s video emphasises the notion of childhood-adulthood difference. Here is the ‘Opposite of Adults,’ with some cool wiggly animated typography appearing at the beginning.

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 21.22.14

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 21.22.06

Obviously we have to include a Daft Punk video. Enter ‘One More Time,’ a track of their album ‘Discovery’ released in 2000, that use a 1970s anime style of depiction. If you enjoy characters with oversized, dough eyes, subject to Avatar blue skin and hang out in what looks like a psychedelic, disco Narnia, you’ve come to the right place. We think it matches the track beautifully, sharing those ‘out of this world,’ fizzy vibes and blatently embodying the newness of the millennium.

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 21.27.43

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 21.23.57

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 21.23.44 



June Cartoon Illustrations



‘Ello folks, happy Summer’ing and all that jazz. This week in the DEN we are taking it to the 2D animated world and focusing on the fun you can have with a bit of wit, colour and enthusiasm. Get ready for our June cartoon illustrations, from World Cup 2014 depictions, to the adorable delights of our childhood. Cartoons make life a bit less serious so cop’a load of these!

The Oxford definition of cartoon is: ‘a simple drawing showing the features of its subjects in a humorously exaggerated way, especially a satirical one in a newspaper or magazine.’ They can illustrate a narrative in a comical way and simplify information and ideas, making them approachable and digestible for people of many ages through the visual sense. Here we are going to focus on animated human beings rather than inanimate objects, ideas or design, just cuz’ well, people are fascinating and a concept to which we can all relate, so why don’t we mutually appreciate the various extents of cartoon expression.

The strangest most perfect cartoon fusion yet- Mr Men x Breaking Bad. Ever wondered what the gripping series story line would look like transposed into the infamous and jolly characters of Mr men? Look no further and check out Shortlist for this fab video by Johnny Mang and Jason Burke of Eager Beaver films, imagining Mr White in this brightly-coloured, linear narration.

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 17.15.04

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 17.14.54

It would be rude not to throw a World Cup 2014 gem in really wouldn’t it? On Behance we have discovered a series of exclusive posters showcasing geometric, crystal design talent, representing some famous football names. Here is The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Creative Director: Raunaq Mangottil and Graphic Designer: Karthikeyan aka Seyon.



Ever heard of the app ‘iMadeFace’? An entertaining little creative app that allows you to create yourself or your friends as cartoon characters. Well if you haven’t you know now (download it for about an hour of fun) and this reference is spot-on in comparison to this next piece of work. Maria Sara from Chile has been cartooning daily, on subjects of personal interests. The best thing about splurging what’s in your imagination is sharing it with others, regardless of how weird you think it is!

maria 2

maria 1

The following has to be probably our favourite entry, just because it’s so frickin’ CAYUUTE. Reminding us of Hello Kitty style illustrations, here are princesses and girls in the story tales of our youths by Wirin Chaowana. Oh how they made our childhood wonderful, but now we can see them re-imagined as 2D, modernist, block shape and colour cartoon interpretations.



So on a more serious note of contemporary society, Kikuo Johnson illustrates some current issues of politics, masculinity and the modern day dating game. If you are interested in current debates, various types of humour and unjustness of present day civilisation, check out these witty comics on It’sNiceThat. His style of work also reminds us of an old, French comic favourite ‘Tin Tin’…



And ending on by far one of the most cited names in the public eye right now- Beyonce. We visit Design Taxi for the lyrics of her songs illustrated. Why not have a peek at what ‘My body’s too bootilicious for ya” looks like from the mind of a freelance artist in the world of visual media marketing. That isn’t it- no these are not gloriously-framed, empowering, beauty-focused cartoons either- these ones are finished with a twist; depicted as battles against zombies. Check out this random, but cool series by GrArG Media aka Ali Graham.

bey 2


Ways to analyse design



Ahoy maties, we hope you are splendid! This week in the DEN veering away from the usual inspiration content to the more insightful. We have compiled an educated, (hopefully) enjoyable account about ways to analyse design. Included are alternative approaches you can use to view design, such as logos, graphics, art and objects, in order to come to new findings or be enlightened in a way different to your habit approach! Don’t be shy, this is for everyone to try from students to pros, if you’re feeling a bit unenthused and fancy a new avenue to meander along, with grounding from some other fields.

From experience, growing up absolutely frantic for as much creative stuff as I could get my hands on, I noted it can often be confusing and difficult to know which way is the ‘best way’ or ‘right way’ to go about design in the initial stages. There is in fact, no right or wrong way to design, it’s what originates from your gut, mind and self, where everyone ever born, has the potential to ‘create’ something, but clearly not everyone is confident enough to embrace it. Every individual has their way of creating.

Whether in the idea creation stage, researching stage and the ‘communicating your work to others’ stage, it can be hard to be fully satisfied that you did all you could up until the final product, ensuring all areas and perspectives were covered. From the position of the creator and designer, this is a never-ending problem of self-turmoil- there is always more that can be done, but sometimes you have to be straight with yourself and just say ‘enough is enough, it’s finished now!’ Time is not an exhaustive tool unfortunately, and especially not to people you work with, whom simply can’t grow a beard waiting…(as much as we would like to perfect our own works). *cue dancing beard gif*

It is a tentative and tough skill to crack immaculately, to ensure others understand most of (well merely some of if you’re lucky nowadays, with the design world so vast and minds so wonderful) what you’re trying to achieve with design. It is an oh so difficult, shifting and innovative language to master. But know also that EVERYONE IS IN THE SAME BOAT and all creatives acknowledge this and sympathise with one another. Chill.

Enough of the contextual rambling; the following are metaphorical lenses you can put on from the final stage, reflection stage of design, to ensure you have thought about different things, or perhaps as an objective reader of another’s work, to decipher various conclusions.

From the view of sociocultural anthropology:

By studying the meaning of humans and their social relations through symbols language, objects, music, material culture and technology, we can investigate what the design tells us of the creator, culture and their life.

photo 1

For example questions towards this Instagram image could be- what is it made of? How was it made- by hands or with man-made or technological tools? What’s in it? This could generate answers such as…

1. The fruit is artistically arranged, suggesting that the owner sees this meal in a delightful, celebratory manner, and whereby she is in control of it. It takes longer to create than the usual ‘throw it altogether’ breakfast procedure, which shows this creator cares about eating and takes enjoyment from the making ritual.

2. It is framed from a bird’s eye view where she is looking down on it. This portrays power, status relations between the person and food, whereby the power’s power is communicated by the towering stance over the bowl.

3. The picture is bright, retaining the subject matter’s true colour richness, revealing the appreciation for the fruit’s natural richness.

4. The circle bowl makes the picture appear complete and shows the creator’s appreciation of organic shapes, relating the subject matter. No poncy square plates here, thank you.

5. It appears to be taken with her smartphone, which is an accessible device to people in their everyday lives and thus, we can view this picture as a capturing of a daily, basic part of her routine. A professional camera would suggest the moment requires a more prestigious capturing mechanism, which could be seen to praise it or pay homage to it.

We learn from zooming out and reading the account biography that this person is in fact recovering from an ED and is optimistic about life and seeking happiness. Check @Coconuttysara’s page for extra fruity, wholesome, frolicking!

photo 2

This approach is somewhat tricky for contemporary material or mass-produced things, that pass across such a vast network of people at different stages of creation, with no singular, clear or intended identity attached and shaped by a multitude of influences, processes and societies (e.g. Apple Macbooks or the Coca Cola logo- keep this in mind).

From a sociological perspective:

Questioning how it is used, how people interact with it or how respond to it, can reveal invaluable findings on society, the broader picture and human, intuition relations.With the same Instagram picture, we can decipher:

1. Instragram is a social media network where people represent snippets of their life, things they achieve, what they’re interested, inspired by and proud of. Therefore it is applicable for that particular owner to showcase the above through an image-sharing platform and communicate through visual as opposed to uploading them to perhaps a less concise, relatable word-based platform.

2. Others respond to show their appreciation or opinion towards content, which could cause owners to feel greater satisfaction and happiness from sharing their work and encouraging them posting further. Others could also learn something and be inspired by this, flavouring others work. It could go the other way due to negative response and also act as a deterrent for independent thinking. This opens up the debate of whether people are actually original, thinking for themselves, or just being fed by one another. The social media platform could be seen as a way to dilute individual creation and thought processes. Therefore one could infer that society is easily-led or get their meanings/understanding from a social media platform, especially amongst younger minds…

3. It also displays that people communicate in the modern day more commonly without voices, and frequently without words even, but by ‘liking’ and ‘sharing.’ Could this change the paradigm of communication and get us more lost in what people mean when they create something or speak? Or even worse, how to respond in real life…Hmmmmm

4. From the wider, technological picture, we can see images, smart phones and social media have been created to spread art and information with speed and ease to a large audience. It can be seen as less direct communication means and less personal, but also encourages people to perhaps think more deeply about how to reach the greatest number of people and to better posting/creation each time. Two sides to every story eh?

What can you decipher from this picture from reading this? Creatives- what can you learn from looking back on your own work using this insight?

These approaches still essentially ask when, what, why, how and for whom, but with a grounding in a type of approach. For example, in technical, natural science approaches, meanings can be seen as more literal, but like seen as above, these more social lenses open analysis up to broader conclusions.

Lastly, bear in mind that these lenses aren’t always so applicable for every design or creation and some illuminate more than others, depending on what clues have been excluded from or unaccounted for in the design. Happy reading, fellow Sherlocks!

Cool Stuff, the June Edition



Hey y’all. This week in the DEN in the name of art, illustration and design we bring you some more cool stuff, the June edition. You should know how it goes by now; you tune in, we throw stuff at you, you smile and feel enlightened. :D Cool. Feast your eyes on these lovely visuals and learn some new artist names!

Here are some excellent trainer illustrations- check out Caroll Lynn?! She is a Netherlands-based graphic designer, and has illustrating her fave sneakers for a while now over several years, but these 2014 releases are pretty spectacular.

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 21.45.15 Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 21.45.07 Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 21.44.54

See more of her fab footwear on the COOOOOL Shortlist magazine’s website.

Second up- ‘A Graphic designer’s project to create ‘something cool everyday,’ how superb and applicable for this post?! Delhi-based graphic designer Shweta Malhotra did exactly what it says on the tin and has created daily marvels. Here are a few below.

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 21.50.18 Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 21.49.47 6 Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 21.49.28

See more of the coolness on Design Taxi and SomethingCoolEveryday.

This next lot is just super cute and stomach-tickling in all its simplicity. Illustrator Nabhan Abdullatif has created a series of visual puns where he uses everyday objects in his illustrations along with clever captions…Egg-cellent…

7 4 3

See more on Instagram.

Brazil’s painted streets on Google Maps declaring their love of football by painting the town…well not red, but all sorts of marvellous tones. Check out streetview for yourself and get in the World Cup 2014 spirit. If you don’t like football, neigh bother, just do it for the love of colour and expression!

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 22.11.45

Lastly, why stop motion and typography create a marriage made in heaven. This is the answer. Check out  ‘Play With Type’ on Behance, for some joyful, playful letters jiggling about the page! Jose Mendez- thank you for making our day that bit brighter with your animated, digital art and illustration accompaniments.

play3 play2 play

Things you didn’t know you could do with…



Hi seedlings! Hope you are bright and well. We are going to throw you readers off tangent this week to welcome you into the world of life hacks (intriguing lifestyle tips), intuitive thinking and craft. We love design do not get us wrong, but we are also huge fans of simply ‘WINNING’ over everyday occurrences. For example better ways to do things, improving your time efficiency or just out-the-box ideas… This week here is a list of alternative things you didn’t know you could do with…well, coppa’ load of the lot below…

Up first, things you didn’t know you could do with… nail polish!

Other than painting those glorious talons, nail polish is good for some DIY clothing repairs. Clear polish is ideal for sealing a frayed material end, solidifying stretched and worn tough-feel belts and black nail polish is fab for filling in those scuffed over worn black shoes of yours!

shoes scuff

To make a piece of wall art to jazz up a boring wall, why not snip up a big picture or drawing you’ve recently found from your wobbly, artistic past and make a statement?! Yes we all have those dodgy attempts at creating masterpieces sprawled around our storage spaces, but it doesn’t mean they are now redundant in this day and age! Even if you have improved to a standard you previously didn’t foresee, they still have use, or you might just want to donate a gift to a friend with a bare apartment! Cut up your large artwork into three vertical strips, align them on the wall with sophisticated spacing and the gaps in between create an intentionally broken up visual puzzle or disproportioned collage.

These examples are intentional artist triptychs, but don’t be afraid to create your own abstraction or reinvention of the old:



Scott J Menaul



Alternative things you can do with serviettes…other than wiping your chops after an oily spag bol! Serviettes are in fact another malleable medium in which to create sculpture from. They may be tacky and chloroform white, but they are a cheap, easy solution for sprucing up your table displays. Teach your eldest and you’ve got yourself an instant talking point at a dinner party amongst friends. (Probably up your ante if you’ve got some uber special or corporate guests visiting and go buy a feature piece chaps)

ENTER kitchen roll origami…

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 19.46.52


Find out how to create your own supper snails at WonderHowTo

Well this one you may already know what to do, but this is how to make your soup BETTER. It’s all well and good getting your fave tomato soup from a can and heating in the microwave because you ‘cba’ making something more complicated/nutritious at lunchtime. Yes we appreciate you worker bees have little time to Jamie Oliver the hell outta your kitchen with fancy produce, but this shouldn’t take too long! We have a better way of thinking about, making and consuming soup! It doesn’t just have to be just you and the bowl- it can be you, more of your 5-a-day and the bowl.


Any leftover veg from last night’s dinner in the fridge? Plonk it in the pan with the can contents. Any cabbage or spinach you can chop finely? Plonk it in the pan too- they will absorb the soup’s watery niceness. Lastly, why not fry up that last red onion rolling around in the back of your pantry for a last minute burst of flavour? Red onions are enriched with vitamins and pack a bigger punch than white onions. Plus, even past their sell by date they are very much edible. Fry ‘em up with paprika and a little chilli and plonk this pile of beauty in the soup pan too! You can make a smart, tasty, filling lunch without the usual lazy stodge- the honk of white bread.

Tell you what also makes a good soup base if you are really going to DIY it- baked beans! Half a can is one of your five a day; they’re cheap and cheerful, as are veg bits and bobs, so GO TRY and channel your inner spice queen to make it rich and satisfying.

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 20.12.16

I mean come on, Lidl baked beans (pictured above) are like 29p or something? What a steal.

Check out Cooking Matters for more easy and healthy meal tips, especially in the soup variety!

Last but not least, make a cool desktop screensaver! Sometimes boredom can conjure a remarkable amount of energy for randomness we have discovered. So after playing around with screen shots on the mac and tapping into some mental creativity, we discovered that making a cool yet puzzling background is actually easy as pie! Why not prank your (hopefully light-hearted) work colleague by doing this?






Steps: Select your scene using your computer screen edge as the frame, screenshot, Photoshop with an image open, reduce size, repeat…

Pointless right? But still something rarely anyone will have already done…Tune in soon for more harmless DEN creative rambling. CIAO.

The latest innovation news



Hello chaps and chapettes! We’ve decided to venture into the realm of tech, business innovation and great gadgets this week- how fun!? The reason for this post is probably because of one of the most surprising and controversial recent news bulletins from Richard Branson himself (read below), so we thought we’d pursue this theme on the interweb and see what other wonders of the world now exist that didn’t yesterday. Here is the latest innovation news a la DEN…In other words cool stuff you should probably get clued up on!

So up first as promised, is Virgin’s introduction of the glass bottom plane! Yes you heard- A TRANSPARENT PLANE BELLY, announced this May by Virgin group founder Richard Branson himself. When are Virgin ever going to stop?! They are taking over every genre of market by storm nowadays whilst big B is sunning himself in one of his many holiday destinations! Back to the office we go…


The new planes intend to carry passengers on the domestic flight to Scotland to aid the appreciation of the fantastically, picturesque and ever popular touristic views.

Screen Shot 2014-05-24 at 11.07.11

Fancy it? Find out more online at Not sure how comfy we would feel eating our lunch and sipping on a Pinot without a plane bottom…you go first and report back yeah?

Screen Shot 2014-05-24 at 11.05.58

[Images taken from above article on Virgin]

‘First we had Instagram, then we had Vine and now we have Tunepics — a freshly launched social application that allows you attach a song to every picture you share’ said Wired magazine, May 2014. Enter ‘Tunepics.’

Screen Shot 2014-05-24 at 11.03.58

This new ‘multisensory’ social network, intends to capitalise on existing habits of smartphone users (very true), whilst drawing influence from scientific brain-based research tying together music, colour and emotions. So on one upload not only can we insert an image and a theme song, but we can also add a filter (or emotional colour chart- the Tunepics’ version) to communicate ‘those amazing moments in our lives’ apparently, says creator Justin Cooke. And just like all social applications don’t fret; you can ‘re-tune’ (repost/regram) and share to your other favourite online networks so nobody misses out on what you’re doing at the time it happens… On the other hand you could try enjoying the moment without your phone or go home and post another day? There are no smartphones when your dead… #JustSayin’ Read more here on

Screen Shot 2014-05-24 at 11.03.22

Watch the social network’s introductory video here on Youtube.

[Images taken from above article on Wired]

Hipsters- THE GIF CAMERA IS HERE for you! The evolution of technology with this entry has been quite obvious to say the least, but we aren’t complaining really. It’s all fun and games and keeps the kids quiet for a bit when you’re on holiday and want to read a book without screaming neediness…We love children really :) Anyway this gadget allows you to create simple low quality GIF animations, albeit appearing itself as some sort of 10 year old’s perfected playdoh sculpture for their art project. Nevertheless this camera’s concise technology allows you to film in a variety of ways, including collating your stills into a flicker-book style and alas, also has a mega boot-full of filters and effects. Discover more about The OTTO camera’s features on

camera2 Screen Shot 2014-05-24 at 11.01.39

[Images taken from above link on Shortlist]

Animals always seem to creep up in our posts in some shape or form so this time it’s about wearable technology for pets! Humans have been suckers for Nike+ and FitBit so now it’s pup’s turn.

Screen Shot 2014-05-24 at 10.57.40 Screen Shot 2014-05-24 at 10.57.47

This technology is a Whistle collar-mounted tracker, collecting health and activity data about your dog! Designer’s NewDealDesign say it provides ‘insights and foresight into the life of man’s best friend. It is undeniably dog-safe, ergonomic, and robust, made of stainless steel and a waterproof main body, whilst its technology is sophisticated enough to differentiate between activities such as running, walking, play, rest and drinking water. Oh REALLY?!  The device even connects with WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0- what more could you want?! Learn more on DesignWeek  and Whistle. (We think this has to be one of our faves from our list! Pet <3)

[Images taken from above article on DesignWeek]

Instagram accounts you should be following



City, landscape, photography, arty, perspective fan? or just a combination of them all? Well you’ve reached the right blog post. In the DEN we have been scouting for cool things on the ever popular app Instagram. Social media has never been so expansive, so why not absorb all it has to offer? It’s not all semi-naked selfies, showbiz memes, and #foodporn! Here are some Instagram accounts you should be following…

Instagram is actually a really, useful, universally accessible and easy-to-operate ‘tool’ shall we say this time. It’s not just for Jamie Oliver adverts, bored teens with a sex drive,  showcasing sugar donut/ battered sausage images or reproductions of snapchats when you’ve been out on the lash, it’s actually more invaluable than you think! For creatives, photographers, stylists, fashionistas and the like, this visual platform can make it so easy to get discovered and discover with the right timing, curating and hashtagging. It is even more successful when accompanied by a blog or other social media networks, where ‘sharing’ really is caring. The only downside is that once you’ve found a picture but forgotten the account, trying to locate the owner account is verrryyyy difficult from the humungous Insta database/search facilities.

This app is free, so sign up even if you aren’t fully convinced or have nothing in your life worth posting- just consider it a visual library. Here are a few of our favourite worldly accounts as of late, showcasing the best visual surprises and awe-inspiring scenes from around the world. The beauty of this app is that once you’ve found an account you love, links to the like just keep on coming! Just look at the magic you can capture with a smart phone and some ingenuity nowadays!? WE HEART ORIGINAL PHOTOGRAPHY, and this new art form of ‘iPhoneography’ in itself.

Below we have saved our favourite images of the accounts and previewed why we think they’re ace…see for yourselves!












IMG_5762 IMG_5763